Lumin for senior citizens

Lumin for senior citizens

Communication is absolutely vital for every relationship, whether it’s with a spouse, a child, a parent, or a dear friend in today’s world. In our hectic daily lives, we can often forget just how important simple acts are for maintaining a strong and healthy connection. We can keep our bonds strong by devoting some time […]

What is Healthdrops and how it can help me to loose weight?

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Healthdrops plan is not about losing weight only. In our Healthdrops program , we focus on educating our clients and providing them with an insight of food science. So that once they graduate (reach your goal), then they are ready to plan out their own diet charts. Our consultants always there or work with you […]

Why does your weight bounce back??

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One of the major concerns for most of us before joining any diet plan is – WILL I PUT ON WEIGHT BACK WHEN I LEAVE THE DIET?You must have seen lot of people around you who have done weight loss once only regain it back within a year. SO, WHERE ARE YOU GOING WRONG? Is […]