Why does your weight bounce back??

Why does your weight bounce back??

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One of the major concerns for most of us before joining any diet plan is – WILL I PUT ON WEIGHT BACK WHEN I LEAVE THE DIET?You must have seen lot of people around you who have done weight loss once only regain it back within a year.

SO, WHERE ARE YOU GOING WRONG? Is dieting useless? Or people are not following it the right way? Let us try to answer it.

  1. PORTION CONTROL – Portion control is used as a way to weight loss quickly. It can work temporarily. But what happens when you go back to your normal schedule? Portions should be controlled only in rare cases when there are medical conditions/allergies and eventually, this restriction should not be there if you are looking for a long-term solution.
  2. EXTREME CALORIE DEFICIT DIETS – A lot of diets are based on an extreme calorie deficit. Half knowledge is dangerous. If you go on an extreme calorie deficit diet – it will destroy your metabolism and your body will adapt to the low-calorie intake. When you increase the calories even slightly, you will quickly gain weight.
  3. THINKING OF DIET AS ONE TIME THING – Most people take dieting as a onetime thing. They want to quickly lose those extra kilos and start eating all the junk food again. Of course, everybody wants to cheat a bit, but balance is the key. If you don’t learn how to balance during your diet program, your weight will bounce back.
  4. USE OF SUPPLEMENTS – A lot of people use artificial supplements, shakes, powders or medicines to lose weight. These products might help you to lose weight once but think about it – can you consume these products for the rest of your lives? Diets should be natural, as close to homemade food as possible
  5. EXTREME CARDIO – When you do extreme cardio, you end up losing a lot of muscle mass which brings your metabolism to the floor. No matter how small your portion size is, even one evening outing will shoot your weight up.
  6. HABIT BUILDING – When we are on a diet, we do several things. If the diets are customized and fit into your routine, you start learning about your body, what is good for you and what is to be avoided. Over time you know how to sustain your weight or even lose weight even without the support of a dietitian.

Here Are some solution for weight loss

I guess, we have answered it already. We don’t recommend or suggest any supplements for weight loss. Portion control and extreme calorie diets are short term solutions – your diet should be close to your normal routine if it has to be long term.

You have to start working on your habits in case you want the weight to not bounce back. Don’t think of dieting as a one-time thing. It takes time to weight loss help, learn about your body and sustain the new weight. Cheat a little but learn how to balance it out. If you don’t learn to manage your own weight, you will be forever dependent on a dietitian and WE DON’T WANT THAT.

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